Music was easily my first love. I particularly liked the sheer power I could generate from my voice as I sung out all of the stuff that I could never really put into words. I grew up in the Midwestern U.S., trying out places of varying sizes in Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin, until settling in my beloved adoptive city of Boston where I now live.

I lost touch with my love of music for a while, spending time instead learning about my other passion: the outdoors. I studied environmental policy and public health, and, though not so musical, this area of my life inspires my songwriting. Through my lyrics and music, it is my intent to convey my sense of adventure and genuine excitement in learning about the natural world and our shared human experience.

My earthy, adventurous side is drawn to the indie world of intentionally small shops and coffeehouses, with cleverly upcycled, reclaimed, and fair-trade goods, as well as original, independent films infused with the music of underground musicians. For my Plum Indie Picks—music and otherwise—click here. Indie music itself, though hard to define, does conjure up a certain sort of sound—melodic and simple yet textured and set off by powerful lyrics and nuanced vocals.

All of these things culminate into my own sound, which travels the realm of indie rock, moving occasionally towards pop and sometimes in another direction to something grittier. My music reflects a playfully edgy vibe, which permeates with latent angst and restlessness from a lot of years of keeping the music tucked away.

Though I am primarily a vocalist, I’ve studied guitar for many years and play bass, and I’ve been a member of several bands. I’ve also studied music production at Berklee Online and continue to learn and gather knowledge about the ever-changing music business. I create my DIY demos in my home studio, as writer, performer, recording engineer, producer, and frequent collaborator with other songwriters and musicians. I’d love to work with you as well, so please get in touch. Cheers!



For song catalog info, collaboration, etc., email me at: